Phill from GCHQ


The cartoon about Phill from GCHQ is written and drawn by the Scandinavian artist Katharsisdrill. The first three pages were originally published as Creative Commons-by at his profile on the decentralized social network Diaspora. The comic was not supposed to be continued, but by popular demand (on the Diaspora network that means five people) Katharsisdrill decided to make a few more pages. This website is the result.

Phill Philby

Phill is a classic antihero in the tradition of some of Katharsisdrill's old heroes. First an foremost Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb and the Danish cartoonist Claus Deleuran, all more or less (in their own very idiosyncratic way), part of the counter-culture movement of the late sixties and the seventies. But times have changed and pot-smoking, beer-drinking, pussy-hunting hippies are not really going to translate easily into this well-dressed and well-behaved millennium.

Creative Commons

All artwork on this website including icons and whatnot, are licensed under the Creative Commons - by 4.0 license which means that you can copy, give, sell, redraw or use it in any way you like as long as you give credit to the artist, which in this case is easiest done by linking to the Diaspora-page of Katharsisdrill.

This website is made in PHP and is written by Katharsisdrill. It is lightweight and has a very simple interface ideal for webcomics or other image centered projects. The source code will also soon be made available for free somehow...

Please consider donating something to Katharsisdrill. Take a look at the support page where it is possible to donate in many, many ways for the free art on this website.

Contact and comments

There are no blog-style comments on this site, and as it can be gathered from the topic of the comic, Katharsisdrill is not terribly fond of mainstream spy-services like Facebook and twitter, but it is possible to interact, question, criticize, and point out errors in the comic on a number of underground social medias.

Below are links to the platforms were Katharsisdrill is present:

- Katharsisdrill on the Diaspora-federation

- Katharsisdrill on the OStatus-federation (GnuSocial & Mastodon)

- Katharsisdrill on Steemit (cryptocurrency blogging-platform)

- Katharsisdrill on DeviantArt

For direct contact use this mail-address: katharsisdrill@phillfromgchq.co.uk


I owe a big thanks to the translators, Vincent Celier and Jörn Bielewski, my proofreader Vince and my technical consultant Met Barnane - all the people who supports me on Liberapay, Patreon and with Bitcoins and Steem.

All pages in the continuing story of Phill from GCHQ are made in the open-source digital painting application Krita and the text in the open-source graphics vector application Inkscape on the open-source Linux operating system Mageia. Katharsisdrill know that he owes all the people working on these free systems a lot.

Below are links to the donation-page of the projects that have been used directly in the making of Phill from GCHQ